Psychedelic Practitioner Foundations Programme

Foundational education in psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted therapy for all healthcare professionals

  • 30 hours (claimable CPD points) 
  • On-demand, online learning
  • Access to learners community
  • Average course rating: 4.86 stars  

Live Event: Q&A with Dr. Iain Jordan

đź“… Thursday, July 18th, 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

Course Overview

Our training provide healthcare professionals with an appropriate foundation for the development of any intervention, or system of interventions with psychedelic treatments, within a regulated healthcare setting. 

The course consists of 30 hours of self-directed, asynchronous lectures and interviews, along with comprehension & reflection questions and a final exam. 

You Will Learn:

  • Common Mental Disorders
  • Evidence & Mechanisms of Psychotherapy
  • Introduction to Psychedelics
  • Phenomenology & Mechanisms of Psychedelics
  • Limitations of Psychedelic Therapy 
  • Clerkenwell Approach
  • Perspectives of Patients & Groups
  • Risks & Harms; Ethics & Legal Implications

Core Values of Our Training

A comprehensive training, grounded in first principles and scientific evidence of mental ill-health and therapy
Informed by the clinical trials we have designed and delivered across various psychedelic compounds
15 world-class lecturers
and researchers from top institutions
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Opportunity for professional development, joining our therapist community, and further training with us. 

Our lecturers come from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

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"Great presentation and very engaging. Even though I've trained and worked in mental health now for quite a while, I now feel much more fully informed about the development of this field than I ever have before!"
Psychologist, Help Your Head
"Fascinating. There is so much information given. I am very happy to be doing this course, and really looking forward to the rest of it."

Staff Nurse, Nightingale Hospital
"There's some difficult and complex information to understand and digest, made doable by Iain [lead lecturer]!"

Amanda Moore
Psychotherapist, Xyla Services
"I appreciated the lecture being divided into small portions ... I found the lecture interesting and clear"

Counsellor & Facilitator, SuzanTalk
"I enjoyed the style of delivery and the way it has been broken into bite size chunks with questions to follow before moving onto the next topic. This style for me personally is a better way of learning."

Psychotherapist, Calm Wellbeing
"I found the flow of the content delivery was easy to follow and digest."

Practitioner, Wild and Home

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Our Lecturers

Lectures and interviews will be delivered by a mix of our own Clerkenwell Health experts, along with a selection of world-class researchers and therapists. 

Clerkenwell Health Lecturers

Dr. Iain Jordan

Clinical Director 

Senior doctor, worked in public health services in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years. Honorary Senior Lecturer at The University of Oxford with past 10 years as Consultant Psychiatrist at Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundations Trust. 

Dr. Sarah Bateup

Therapy Lead

Former Head of Therapy Research and Training at COMPASS and Chief Clinical Officer at ieso Digital Health. Sarah has delivered over 30,000 hours of therapy and acted as Principal Investigator in trials.

Dr. Adam Shuman

Clinical Research Physician

Medical doctor and neuroscience graduate from Cambridge University and UCL. Co-founder of UCL Society for the Application of Psychedelics. Previously a researcher in clinical trials in the field of neuropsychiatry in the NHS.

Oliver Chidwick

Clinical Research Scientist

Psychedelic-assisted therapist alongside delivering a private therapy practice. Background in Rogerian counselling and evidence-based psychotherapy practices (ACT and DBT), across a range of settings from charities, schools, and the NHS.

External Lecturers

Dr. Sara Tai

University of Manchester

Dr. David Eritzoe

Imperial College London

Dr. Roberta Murphy

Imperial College London

Dr. Manoj Doss

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. David Luke

University of Greenwich

Kayla Greenstein

University of Sydney

Jaclyn Udell

Inbodied Life Psychotherapy 

Jules Evans

The Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Project

Hattie Wells

Hammersmith Medicine,     previously Beckley Foundations

Timmy Davis

Centre for Evidence Based            Drug Policy

Production & Learner Experience

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Live Q&A Session
with Dr. Iain Jordan

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